The one man two man show. Music out of the playroom, from and for total jerks, definitive deadheads and the very ueberdorks!

"Ok. Let's face it! This other guy sucks monkey balls at playing his ugly guitar. That's why I kicked him out of the band, to - finally - get some serious work done. -- Prepare for the awesome!"


the Bad Bonn Set

rübe - the Bad Bonn Set

The "Bad Bonn" set as played on 28th December 2008, played again and recorded some days later in rübe’s Kinderzimmer (sorry, you have to hoot by yourself).


  1. Induction 00:00
  2. Goblin's Gold 04:12
  3. Goats & Goblins 08:18
  4. Five Goats 26:40
  5. Silver & Cyanogen 30:03
  6. Cyanogen 41:04
  7. Bouble-Beat Valve 46:37
  8. Delirium 54:59
  9. M0wl 58:25


Take some laptop, a second display, some audio-interface and a groovie midi-controller, a funny mouse and run two instances of FL Studio simultaneously as illustrated in this picture.

Yeah, that's right! You can keep your copy of Ableton Live for yourself. Bitch!


If you'd like to simply tune into the set a little bit, please visit last.fm where you can listen to the single songs/parts of the set without any need to download the whole thing.


  • MP3 (high quality VBR)
    Length/Size: 69m 46s, 133.5mb
  • CUE-File
    Use this to burn a cd with continuous tracks or to split the mp3... whatever.
  • Printable CD-Cover
    There is 1 cm extra space on each side of the cover! It's up to you to draw some crop marks etc..